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In light of the pandemic and the need to restructure, many businesses have been put in the difficult position of having to make redundancies. As a recruitment partner and trusted career consultancy, Concept Resourcing is here to help you.

Whether you’re an employee who is facing redundancy, or an employer trying to do the right thing for their workforce in a time of crisis – we’ve pulled together a range of services that can help ease the transition from being made redundant to finding a new job.

How We Can Help

Who better to advise on what makes a good CV than a recruiter? Our team know their all-star CVs from their lacklustre ones and will guide those facing redundancy through the task of updating and refreshing their CVs.

Interviews can be nervewracking even for the most senior of candidates. That's why our experienced consultants will be able to ensure those facing redundancy are as prepared as possible.

We know it's not all about your employable skillset, your mindset matters just as much if not more. Redundancy can be taxing on a person's self-esteem, we'll help coach those facing redundancy to regain their confidence.

These days, having an online presence really boosts your chances of employment. As personal branding pros, we'll be able to offer up top tier guidance on cutting through the online noise by perfecting your personal brand.


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Whether you're an employer or an employee dealing with redundancy, Concept wants to help. Get in touch with our HR Co-ordinator, Chloe, today to get started.

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